Automated Deployment in Unity

The automated deployment process of an application is critical to achieving the Continuous Delivery approach. CD is about helping teams or individuals build, test, and release faster and more reliably. Essential to automated deployment is the Build Automation server which plays a major part in a solid Continuous Delivery Deployment Pipeline. A deployment pipeline is basically an automated implementation of your application’s build, deploy, test and release process.


Unity has finally come out with a built in solution to build automation, Unity Cloud Build. You simply:

  • Setup a repo (.git BitBucket) and commit your Unity Project files
  • Create/Activate Unity Cloud Build from the services window
  • Copy the repo url into the Unity Cloud Build window (Window – Services – Cloud Build)
  • Setup Access Rights if the repo is private by adding an SSH key created by Unity Cloud Build to your BitBucket repo
  • Configure your Unity Cloud Build – Select platform, select branch of repo to build from
  • Build

From here Unity Cloud Build will watch your repo for new changes. Once a change has been detected the project will start building. Once complete, emails are sent out with links to install on your devices.